Name: Mason Irish
Job Title: Founder / Head Brewer
Hometown: Brunswick, ME
Favorite SRB beer: The one we make next
Outdoor passion: Skiing, Biking
Fun fact: Can cut firewood exactly 18” without measuring

Name: Ryan Vincent
Job Title: Co-Owner / sales / distributor
Hometown: Grew up in Canaan, VT currently live in Albany Township, ME
Favorite SRB beer: DOT Pilsner
Outdoor passion: Skiing, Mountain Biking, Chicken wrangling, watching my kids adventure.
Fun fact: Been back country camping/skiing in Alaska 6 times

Name: Zach Dugas
Job Title: Brewer
Hometown: Westbrook, Me
Favorite SRB beer: Clearwater pale Ale
Outdoor passion: Biking, skiing, climbing, glamping
Fun fact: Can ride a unicycle but can’t juggle

Name: Jillian Powers
Job Title: Taproom Manager / Sales
Hometown: Beverly, MA
Favorite SRB Beer: DOT Czech Pilsner
Outdoor passion: Hiking, Snowshoeing, kayaking, camping
Fun fact: Plays Ice Hockey

Name: Rachael Giallongo
Job Title: Bartender / Social Media Extraordinaire
Hometown: Derry, NH
Favorite SRB Beer: El Niño Colada DIPA
Outdoor passion: Snow angels and outdoor beer festivals
Fun fact: Broke 7 bones in her foot stepping over a gas pump hose