Name: Mason Irish
Job Title: Founder / Head Brewer
Hometown: Brunswick, ME
Favorite SRB beer: The one we make next
Outdoor passion: Skiing, Biking
Fun fact: Can cut firewood exactly 18” without measuring

Name: Zach Dugas
Job Title: Brewer
Hometown: Westbrook, Me
Favorite SRB beer: Clearwater pale Ale
Outdoor passion: Biking, skiing, climbing, glamping
Fun fact: Can ride a unicycle but can’t juggle

Name: Jillian Powers
Job Title: Taproom Manager / Sales / Canning Team
Hometown: Beverly, MA
Favorite SRB Beer: DOT Czech Pilsner
Outdoor passion: Hiking, Snowshoeing, kayaking, camping
Fun fact: Plays Ice Hockey

Name: Rachael Giallongo
Job Title: Bartender / Social Media Extraordinaire
Hometown: Derry, NH
Favorite SRB Beer: El Niño Colada DIPA
Outdoor passion: Snow angels and outdoor beer festivals
Fun fact: Broke 7 bones in her foot stepping over a gas pump hose

Name: Steve Woodcock 
Job Title: Manual Labor / Barkeep
Hometown: Haverhill MA
Fav SRB Beer: Hop Seduction & Old Course Porter 
Outdoor Passion: Long distance motorcycling and hiking
Fun Fact: Traveled the four corners of USA in 43 days and raised over $14,700 dollars for USO
Also a NH State Rep

Name: Ardelle Buck
Job Title: Bartender
Hometown: Lincoln Nebraska
Favorite SRB beer: the double hoped Citra Outdoor passion: Snowboarding and mountain biking
Fun fact: I lived out of my tent for 5 months in new Zealand

Name: Matthew Liebenow
Job title: PE Teacher-Pine Tree School in Center Conway, NH for over 20 years now + Saco River Brewery Taproom for 3 plus years.
Hometown: Hampton, NH
Favorite SRB beer: Flip Flops #33 & #35 & Hop Seduction
Outdoor Passion: Hunting & Fishing
Fun Fact: I played semi-pro baseball out of high school & I have 3 wonderful children, Gracie 16, Marlie 14, & Max Liebenow 11.

Name: Susan Morgan
Job Title: Beertender
Hometown: Hilton, NY
Favorite SRB Beer: Sweet Fern, Kolsch, DOT Pilsner… not an IPA girl, but love Ancient Galaxies
Outdoor Passion: Snowboarding, skiing, road biking, mountain biking and a brisk walk
Fun Fact: My favorite sport is ski jumping…the original…think ABC wide world.of sports…the agony of defeat…for those old enough to remember! Both of our boys were ski jumpers in high school! Yes, ski jumping is a high school sport in NH!